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Sales clerks at a number of TV retailers in Massachusetts gave inaccurate information regarding the upcoming analog-to-digital television conversion. Imagine that: Sales clerks giving inaccurate information! The switch will require users of older televisions to purchase a basic set-top box partially subsidized by the government, but does not require viewers to buy a new TV. Eric Bourassa, a consumer advocate with MassPIRG, which commissioned the study, says "retailers should do a better job training their staff so that going forward, consumers that go into the stores can get the right information."

Or perhaps consumers should inform themselves about how they're spending their money. Best Buy is in the business of making money, not providing higher education to those who barely made it through grammar school. They aren't required to tell you that will sell you the exact same TV for cheaper, either. Would you expect a clerk making $9 an hour to give you detailed information about your legal rights? Would you expect them to even understand the subject? Why doesn't MassPIRG just raise money to mail free set-top boxes to everyone in the state? That seems easier. (Photo by AP/Ng Han Guan)