News of the child pornography case against [liberal, FYI] San Francisco talk radio host Bernie Ward gets creepier and creepier, as you might expect. The Smoking Gun has posted the 19-page police report on the case, which includes transcripts of IM conversations between Ward and the dominatrix he was chatting with, who turned him into the cops. Gold star for her. When he says "every so often an opportunity presents itself" to play with children, it's only a matter of time until his downfall. Selected transcripts after the jump—we've left in the key parts, legally speaking, but edited out most of the overt nastiness.

Oh, you fucked up now, Bernie. He goes on to admit (fabricate? One would hope) various illegal acts with minors, while the dominatrix mostly strings him along, saying "oh realllly," and copying the whole transcript for the cops. She encourages him to hang himself with evidence.