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Washed-up socialite Fabian Basabe is not just sitting around reflecting on his days of being a chandelier-swinging it-boy; He is "forging relationships that will forever change the face of humanity— literally and figuratively." By slapping his face on promos for Alessi Skin Care products! One of which is aptly called "Starblaster." The wildly exaggerated and hilarious press release explains the connection between Basabe and victims of gang violence—It's not what you might hope.

Alessi Skin Care Aligns With Celebrity Socialite Fabian Basabe to Raise Awareness for Their 'Face Forward' Campaign


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Feb. 15 /PRNewswire/ — While world renown
Biochemist and facial plastic surgeon Dr. David Alessi may have developed a
line of the hottest and most sought after anti-aging products in the
country, it is his wife and CEO of Alessi Skin Care, Deborah Alessi, taking
the company to the next level by forging relationships that will forever
change the face of humanity — literally and figuratively.

Not only did both Alessis develop a successful company
( built on superior biochemistry, but they
also built-in a component that arranges for a percentage of all product
sales to go toward the physical and emotional reconstruction of battered
women and children victimized by domestic and/or gang-related violence —
individuals who are incapable of affording the fees associated with proper
internal and external repair. That remarkable component is their non-profit
organization, "Face Forward" ( Established in 2007,
the organization is making great strides to elevate awareness, while
putting resources toward a problem that affects far too many households.

The Alessis have been searching for the right individual to step in and
act as a champion for the cause and push the organization into the
spotlight. The Alessis are proud to announce that their search has come to
an end. They have officially named celebrity socialite Fabian Basabe
( as the organization's spokesperson and they
couldn't be more enthusiastic. Like everything he does, Fabian kicked off
the relationship in style by hosting a monumental party in Las Vegas — a
party that will be featured tonight (Friday the 15th) on the Lifetime
Channel's hit show "Top This Party"
( Fabian plans on hosting
several more events to benefit the organization but the first is not to be
missed. The Alessi-Basabe connection will take a household epidemic out of
the shadows ... and onto the red carpet where it cannot be ignored.