· Paramount breaks the hearts of the millions of Trekkies who thought they'd be spending Christmas at the multiplex with Kirk, Spock and Uhura, delaying their J.J. Abrams directed Star Trek from this December 25 until May 8, 2009 in hopes that they can wring more money from the franchise during the summer blockbuster season. Also, DreamWorks is moving Ben Stiller's Tropic Thunder from this July 11 to August 15, a change that Stiller's fans will endure without complaint. [Variety]
· We knew that Tom Cruise parody video was going to put some sizzle back into his career: Jerry O'Connell joins the cast of indie romantic comedy Baby on Board, which will also includes Heather Graham, John Corbett and Ian Ziering. [THR]

· Mark Burnett teams up with Sony Pictures TV to adapt a Japanese reality show where entrepreneurs beg millionaires to invest in their money-making schemes. And Burnett's already making things happen! He's changed the name of the project from Dragon's Den to The Shark Tank, an application of his much-sought-after golden touch that should be good for at least a million more viewers per episode. [Variety]
· Force majeured writers could be found wandering aimlessly around virtually every studio lot on Back to Work Wednesday, trying to figure out what their post-deal futures might hold. [Variety]
· Meanwhile, those scribes returning to shows marvel anew at kitchens stocked with the free, delicious snacks that will help them survive the incredibly long hours in the Room they face as they scramble to catch up on three months' worth of missed work. [THR]