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Late last night, we received an anonymous email explaining the details behind an ugly incident that recently went down between two Vice Presidents at Showtime, an incident that ended up with one of the two Veeps getting fired. This email was initially distributed to a number of Showtime staffers but quickly made its way to the outside world (Nikki Finke is proclaiming it as being "the talk of Hollywood"). The full tale involves an intimate birthday dinner, an expense account gone wrong, an employee in a position of power known as "Mr. Untouchable" and a whole Valley full of tears. While names have been redacted to protect the (potentially) innocent, that doesn't make the juice any less tasty. Read the sordid tale of the people we'll call Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3 after the jump!

Subject: [THING 2]
To everyone at Showtime -
I am writing this letter to let everyone know what really happened to our good friend [THING 1], who worked at our company for over 13 years.

[THING 1] did not resign - she was blindsided by Mr. Untouchable, [THING 2], and the "powers that be" at our wonderful company Showtime.

About a month ago [THING 1] was asked to go out to dinner by [THING 3] and [THING 2] for [THING 3]'s birthday party. The attendees were [THING 3] , his parents, his sister, [THING 1], her husband, and [THING 2], and his wife.

At the end of the dinner [THING 2] told [THING 1] to pay for the dinner on her Showtime American Express card. [THING 2] being [THING 1]'s boss, she didn't hesitate and paid the bill. After all he was the one who approved her expenses.

About 2 weeks later [THING 1] was called down to HR to talk about this particular incident. [THING 1] responded with nothing but the truth. Implicating herself in the process. Yes she lied on her expense report, however [THING 2] told her to do so.

This is where it gets good. After her conversation with HR [THING 3] called [THING 1] in a panic, asking her what they had asked and what he should expect when he was called down to HR. While on the phone with [THING 1], [THING 2] stormed into [THING 3]'s office (also in a panic) and told [THING 3] to outright lie, and say that [THING 2] was there for only one drink and then left. And to then tell HR that [THING 1] volunteered to pay for the dinner. Removing [THING 2] from the dinner and therefore out of harms way. [THING 3] at first was reluctant, but [THING 2] said, "I need you to protect me so I can protect you and [THING 1]" almost verbatim.

[THING 2] left the room and [THING 1], still on the phone and hearing all of this told [THING 3] to do what is right and tell the truth.

Spineless [THING 3] in turn went down to HR and did exactly what [THING 2] wanted him to do. He lied. After the meeting with HR [THING 3] slithered his way up to [THING 1]'s office crying and profusely apologized. "I can't believe I did that to you." He wept.

The very next day (after a sleepless night I would imagine) [THING 3] stormed down to HR and did the right thing. He told them he had lied and that [THING 2] not only was at the dinner the whole

night, not only told [THING 1] to pay for the bill, but he also told him to lie to HR not more than 12 hours ago.

After all this, Showtime not only fires a woman who has dedicated years of her life to this disgusting company, but they let [THING 2] off without so much as a slap on the wrist. They should all be ashamed of themselves. Disgusting.

The funniest thing about [THING 2] is that he really thinks we all genuinely like him. The fact of the matter is we ALL secretly despise him, but because we all fear him so much we would never say it to his face. And by the way [THING 2], everyone talks about you behind your back. How does that feel? This is just another reason for all of us to fear him. If he can walk away from this and the other countless things he's done to previous employees, we should all beware. Who's next on [THING 2]'s list? This is a disgusting excuse for a human being, who has made more enemies at every job he's ever worked, accepts absolutely no culpability, and still he moves up the ladder. Crazy, the innocent get flushed down the toilet and the ruthless assholes move forward.

This is not entirely [THING 2] fault. Showtime is hugely to blame here. How many people have to suffer, for Showtime to actually get off their asses and do something about a guy who has a file on him thicker than Webster's dictionary. He's a lawsuit waiting to happen, and I know many people who can't wait for that day.

We all know [THING 1] and how she conducted herself here at Showtime for 13 plus years and how classy of a lady she is. She has been nothing but a friend to all of us (even to [THING 2], blech), and it is just so sad that a woman like that gets the shaft.

I for one would like to say that [THING 1] being fired for this Asshole shows what kind of people we work for. She did nothing wrong, except listened to [THING 2].

[THING 1] you should know, you're so much better than them. Sleep well at night knowing that. Thank every day you are not part of this disgusting company any longer. Enjoy your life. You have a beautiful

new baby, a great husband, and real friends who you know you can count on. I love you and will miss you very much.

I thought everyone had a right to know the truth.