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David Martin is a guy who enjoys playing piano on the beach, marrying his high school sweetheart, and growing his own flowing blond hair. He also owns the voice you will hear later on today when you crack open that garish box of plasticky Whitman's chocolates that your forgetful, cheap ass boyfriend purchased at Walgreen's at the last second. Because the chocolate company has seen fit to make their boxes of Valentine's candy play Martin's terrible love song, "Something In Your Eyes." It's not bad enough that you have been given a $9.99 box of inedible chocolate; you must also be subjected to the soft rock lyrics of an up-and-coming Michael Bolton, such as, "In your eyes, I saw a million angels." After the jump, the full video of David Martin strolling on empty piers, singing the chocolate song that will soon be disgusting couples across America. [WSJ]