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Sure, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue spread showing Will Ferrell pawing at a bikini- clad Heidi Klum was a mildly titillating stab at selling the movie with skin, but we suppose the magazine's decency standards prevented New Line's marketing team from doing what they really needed to do to push Semi-Pro: strip Ferrell to his tube socks, blow out his thicket of chest hair, and hand him a genital-obscuring, ABA-regulation prop. Mercifully, basketball doesn't employ the kind of phallus-shaped equipment that might have tempted the studio to take the photo in a more tumescent direction.

[In case you want to know what you're actually gaping at, it's the inside of a promotional CD for Jackie Moon's "Love Me Sexy" single that just arrived at Defamer HQ. Sample lyrics: "Let's get sweaty/Let's get real sweaty/I'm talking rainforest sweaty/I'm talking swamp sweaty/Let's fill the bathtub full of sweat." In the interest of observing our own decency standards, we'll refrain from transcribing the "lick me/suck me sexy" portion of the song.]