"Snoop seems to have singlehandedly snatched the is-he-or-isn't-he irony confusion crown from R. Kelly," says tech exec Anil Dash, the blogger who appeared in the New York Times in a Goatse t-shirt. Dash figures that R. Kelly's "Trapped In The Closet" got boring when the artist realized the inanity of his own multi-part R&B drama. But in his 2007 song "Sensual Seduction" (or "Sexual Eruption," as Dash explains with 200 actually worthwhile words), Snoop is "both ridiculous and completely sincere." Read Dash's 8-point analysis and an examination of the breath tube, which Snoop uses instead of a vocoder or Auto-Tune. After the jump is the song itself, in the best music video ever.

Dash's post falls into the "academic analysis of black music" genre most significantly shaped by the Village Voice's ""This Is Why I'm Hot": A graphical dissertation on the number one song in America."