"Seated in Teen Vogue's head office, at my desk and facing my new Mac, I suddenly wonder how I got here," 20-year-old Canadian actress Stacey Farber muses on her brand-new intern blog. She waits until the end of her long, rambling journal entry to answer said question: "PS. For those of you wondering, yes, I am also an actress on Degrassi: The Next Generation." We know how Teen Vogue loves to hire small-time television stars! But what does one wear to a Teen Vogue interview, and what does said internship entail?

I did what I always do when faced with an opportunity to dress up: I completely disregarded my own well-stocked closet, choosing instead to borrow pieces from friends. I wore my roommate's black dotted Swiss Debra Rodman mini-dress, opaque black tights and my brown Miu Miu wedges. To add a little edge—and warmth—to an otherwise "girly" outfit, I threw on my friend Chase's leather biker jacket by Rick Owens—the same one Rachel Bilson and Ashley Olsen wear.

Partly thanks to my ensemble, I felt confident when EJ and I went over my resume, my work experiences, my interests and career goals (NOTE: Interviews are not as scary as that sounds...)... Basically, I would be writing for the official website, researching photos of young, fashion-savvy celebrities, and, in general, completing tasks to help take pressure off EJ's crazy schedule. And what's more, I would have the opportunity to apply myself and demonstrate what I view as my "professional" strengths: my creativity, communication skills, diligence and ability to follow direction well. [Teen Vogue]

Stacey! Hate to break it to you, but THE INTERVIEW! WAS A SHAM!