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Is it possible to feel bad for a Hilton? Prior to this afternoon, the answer to that question would've been a resounding no. However, the way that Rick and Kathy Hilton are hanging poor little Barron out to dry is making us reconsider. In case you haven't heard, the Hilton parents are refusing to bail him out of jail under the auspices of Tough Love. This strikes us as being rankly hypocritical in the face of the support that they gave to their convicted felon of a daughter last summer. While we still firmly believe that Barron is a jackanapes and not really deserving of public sympathy, it's an abomination that Kathy Hilton is sitting at home painting her nails while her son sits behind bars. UPDATE (5:53pm): Barron just got sprung from the pokey by his friends, who managed to find a bail bondsman and drum up the $20,000 necessary to free him. []