A source tells us that Hollywood Insider host and booze hound Pat O'Brien (formerly of Access Hollywood) has chosen Los Angeles' Wonderland Center to be his latest rehab destination. The posh, Laurel Canyon house of detox is well known for hosting one Lindsay "Exhaustion" Lohan about a year ago. Though offering a fairly comprehensive treatment program, the Center also offers pampered celebrity must-haves like spa service and gourmet food. Lohan has since been to two other rehab centers, so it leads one to wonder if the drunken, mustachioed gossip monger, who has been to rehab once before himself, will be back to "sucking your tits" in no time. What these people really need is a good old state-run detox facility where you sit in a bare white room with a shivering methadone addict for three days while watching the spiders crawl by. Or, you know, functioning support systems waiting for them on the outside. Whichever. Bonus Pat O'Brien sex call/Alec Baldwin scaring children call mash-up after the jump.