As reported this morning, heiress Paris Hilton has lost her pussy due to neglect. Later in the day a tipster sent us a little item that we'd missed a few weeks back that paints an even darker portrait of Paris Hilton the Pet Owner. E! Online's Ted Casablancas, while not exactly Bob Woodward, did get quite a story on "Slurpa Pop-Off" (an affectionate nickname he's given to a blind item personality who is obviously Ms. Hilton). It seems that the "Hottie" has been, uh, well, killing her dogs. Oh but totally by accident! See she gets a new puppy, but then doesn't want to train it or whatever so she just leaves it in a closet and flits away somewhere. Days later, employees report, they'll find the dog still in the closet, dead. Beautiful. After the jump watch Paris tell Ellen DeGeneres that she owns 17 dogs (Previously on Defamer). Oop, probably 16 by now. [The Awful Truth]