The New York Daily News went totally, utterly insane today with their "editorial" on the upcoming trials of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other alleged 9/11 conspirators. Headlined "Death is too good," the fourth paragraph reads, in its entirety, "Burn in hell!" Then it just sorta keeps going in that fashion for a while.

But make no mistake, this is still America! "As the formalities dictate, the six are presumed innocent." With that out of the way, we may continue:

The evidence of 2,974 families grieving, a city that was left in turmoil, a world changed forever. And, when guilt is documented, justice is limited to only one punishment for the barbaric murderers who deserve far worse:


Death so ordered by law.

Die, you bastards.

Fun fact: this is actually a slightly repurposed version of the editorial they had saved up in case the Pats won the Super Bowl.

Death is Too Good [NYDN via Choire]