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Thanks to New York's secretive and shadowy Canadian Cabal for their fast and servicy response to our story on how they control the media! Canadian media critic Rachel Sklar jumped into action, quickly posting her exhaustive list of all the Canadians she could think of. More than 70! Some of them are dead (Peter Jennings?), others of them not quite bigwigs (Rachel Marsden?), but we did forget some important ones. Like Dahlia Lithwick and Laurie Hibberd! Canadians are better even then Jews at knowing each and every member of their relentlessly polite tribe, but even Ms. Sklar leaves some unmentioned. Much thanks, then, to tipsters who supplied the following names:

Wall Street Journalers Greg Ip (The Fed), Ian Johnson (Pulitzer prize-winning Berlin correspondent), and Joanna Slater (World Markets & Currencies)
Chrystia Freeland—North American editor, Financial Times.
Siobhan O'Connor—GOOD features editor.
Morley Safer, CBS
John McKenzie, ABC
Thalia Assuras, CBS
Hilary Brown, ABC
Gary Armstrong—Chief Marketing Officer, Wenner Media
Alex Trebek

Call Lou Dobbs! Canadians Are Walking Amongst You, Undetected [HuffPo]