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· Possibly sandwiched between the theoretically imminent end of the writers strike and a potential June 30 walkout by SAG, studios are rushing to get their high-profile projects into production during that slim window of opportunity, hoping to get enough movies in the can to fill out their late 2009 release schedules. Still on the studios' limbo lists due to deadline-rushed scripts: Angels & Demons, Thomas Crown Affair 2, Fame, The Grind and Death Wish. [Variety]
· After 17 wildly successful years helping to narcotize the youth of America with TRL, The Grind and 72-hour Real World/Road Rules Challenge marathons, MTV president Christina Norman unexpectedly steps down from her post, possibly to join forces with Oprah on the new OWN cable network that will eventually make everyone involved incredibly wealthy. [THR]

· Perhaps hoping that going the biopic route might help her find her way back into the Academy's good graces, directionless two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank agrees to play Amelia Earhart in Mira Nair's Amelia. [Variety]
· Sadly, network abomination The CW and purveyor of scripted, sports-related entertainment The WWE have decided to end their decade-long SmackDown partnership, one that dates back all the way to the bastard netlet's UPN days. [Variety]
· Martin Scorsese selects Bob Marley as the next object of his music-documentary affection, but has yet to choose the Marley lyric or song that will serve as the project's title. [THR]