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Ever notice how Scores, the standard bearer of Manhattan strip clubs, gets such good coverage from Page Six? Not just the various career moves of the club's leaders, like today's item about former frontman Lonnie Hanover's jump to Rick's Cabaret, but all those celeb sightings in the club. Lindsay Lohan dances! Jean-Claude Van Damme gets beat up! Dennis Quaid loses his credit card!

Well, it sure helps when the club showers Post gossip reporters with freebies, like it used to do for Page Six's Chris Wilson. And Post editor Col Allan's affinity for bringing heads of foreign governments to Scores can't hurt. Seems like the celebrities themselves would prefer a little discretion about their lap dances, but from the club's perspective, all press is good press. It's really no different than a restaurant giving good seats to a critic, or a football team laying out a nice spread of cold cuts in the press box. Strip clubs are natural beat territory for gossip hounds, and it only makes sense that having the actual reporters in the house is a quicker way into the news than relying on those mysterious "spies." So if sightings at Rick's start popping up on Page Six with equal frequency now, you'll know Hanover took some freebies along with him. [Page Six]