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The cold-cocking of a minor celebrity outside a swanky Hollywood nightclub is hardly an uncommon experience, yet every time you see one—and thanks to TMZ's sleep-deprived video stormtroopers you are about to—it's as if you're experiencing the exhilarating adrenalin rush for the very first time.

What, exactly, caused a friendly sidewalk exchange between Jesse Metcalfe and Taryn "Hustle & Flow" Manning to result in a knuckle-sammy to the meticulously manicured face of the career-doomed Desperate Housewives gardener, we perhaps shall never know. Even more tragically, all dreams of meting out some D-list street-justice were dashed by club security, who held Metcalfe back, telling him to "Sh-sh-sh...Bouts over pretty-boy," before patting him on his crispy hair and sending him on his way.