It's Fameball season. Blogger Erin Horgan is now "famous" for taking photos of John Mayer in a Borat thong. When the singer-songwriter pranced around in front of a crowd on a cruise ship wearing the neon green shoulder-strap swimsuit, totally to his surprise someone blogged it. Normally the story ends with "blogger sells photos to gossip magazine," but Horgan kept blogging about the attention her photos were getting, enough to interest the Cape Cod Times. Now getting a video interview (embedded after the jump omg click) on the windswept-white-people broadsheet's web site doesn't constitute fame, I know, but then gossip blog Just Jared ran a post made of exclamation marks about said interview, and now my editor is making me write about it here, so Erin Horgan is rolling up a little fameball.

Fameballing won't come as easy for Horgan, who's neither as rich and well-connected as Emily Brill or as sexy and media-savvy as Julia Allison. But the self-amazement is there (she reports on getting "well over 8000 hits"), and there's no better star to exploit than John Mayer, who insists on turning his fame-for-something into fame-for-nothing.