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Remember that little tidbit about Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears that the The NY Daily News declared just yesterday to be "too vulgar" to print? Well, as everyone who wrote us this week to complain about our Sarah Silverman Is Fucking Matt Damon headline will attest, we're not above (or below) getting our occasional vulgar on. While the tale of Britney and Justin tale pales in comparison to the legend of the Butterscotch Stallion, we'll at least do you the service of burying the fingerlickin' details after the jump.

You made it! Kudos, fellow vulgarity-lovers. At this point everyone and JT's mother knows the pop duo slept together during those glitter-drenched years spent in teenybop heaven, but we didn't know quite how kinky the former Mouseketeers were, or how soon they got it on. Spears famously told W Magazine in 2003 that they'd waited two years to close the deal. But apparently RS heard a different story from one of Spears' old choreographers, who told the mag about an incident that occurred one year into the relationship:

"Timberlake came back to the tour bus after a romp with Spears with a curious request: 'Dude, smell my fingers,' [he] claims Timberlake asked him. 'Just slept with her that night.'"

Just as we expected, chivalry really is dead. But, at the same time, this does go a long way towards explaining why the duo called themselves Stinky and Pinky back in those halcyon days.