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Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently told employees, will spend $200 million on capital expenditures this year. But fear not! That oversized budget, funded by Microsoft's $240 million investment, will not rest in the hands of a 23-year-old college dropout. No, even better! It's up to a 31-year-old graduate of Palo Alto High School to spend Ballmer's bucks. Despite his lack of higher education, Jonathan Heiliger has a lengthy resume and more experience than most racking up servers in datacenters. But the scale of his current project is daunting.

Data Center Knowledge has already identified some of Heiliger's investments: new multimillion-dollar datacenters are going up in Ashburn, Va. and Santa Clara, and Rackable, a maker of servers, is receiving a large chunk of Facebook's hardware budget.

But I'm more amused by the money Heiliger didn't spend. On his honeymoon, that is. In 2004, he and his fiancée Germaine Yokoyama hit up wedding guests to pay for a trip to Venice.

(Photo by Jonathan Heiliger)