That's our own beloved Julia Allison on the cover of Time Out New York. Holding out a cocktail napkin with her number on it! For the Singles Issue! It's like seeing Aleksey Vayner on the cover of Fortune. The Millionaires' Secrets To Making YouTM the Sexiest Brand on the Market!

The phone number is not actually Ms. Allison's, but goes to some sort of hotline set up for members of the public to call and attempt to insert themselves into the tumblrd farce of her heavily-mediated take on Modern Romance. Or just harass her, we suppose, but she really probably gets enough of that.

Good on new Time Out EIC Michael Friedson for taking a chance on a relative unknown like Ms. Allison, especially after that New York profile didn't pan out. (Adam Moss declared our heroine to be a bit "too overexposed.") Please go buy like 10 copies! And marvel at how lucky it is for Ms. Allison that Mr. Friedson decided on The Singles Issue and not The Doomed Co-Dependent Relationship With Two Insufferable Media Whores Issue. That would've been embarrassing. Especially after three solid weeks now of Julia's "dating" column consisting of thinly-veiled bitching about her ex, noted prick Jakob Lodwick. That's that fun Sex and the City lifestyle so many validation-desperate little girls across our great nation dream of.