It's no secret that Bill "Papa Bear" O'Reilly is a media punchingbag. So when Intern Mary heard about his recent claim that homeless veterans don't exist, she began to wonder if Bill's comments were taken out of context and spun into oblivion by crazed bloggers like they always seem to be. Does Bill only talk about patriotism and veterans when he's trying to make a point? Yearning to discover the real Bill, she dove into once more to find out just what Bill has said about vets in the past. The results of the search, in handy chart form (along with representative samples!), after the jump.

Some excerpts:

The Factor remained puzzled by the approach of some zealots. "I think you can dissent about the Iraq war, but do you think it's patriotic to come on TV and accuse the US of mashing a baby's testicles? I think slander is unpatriotic."

So the [Houston] Chronicle believes that showing coffins will lead to more respect for our valiant troops? A cynic might say this is a ruse, that the Chronicle wants to show coffins to add more emotion to the Iraq debate. An honest reporter might then ask the Chronicle what it has done to respect the U.S. armed forces. The Chronicle contributes to charities, but has not given one penny to any veterans organization.

Wednesday's Patriot: Sears CEO Aylwin Lewis, who is doing everything to make Sears a friendly place for employees who are military veterans. And the Pinhead: Model Heidi Klum, who pretends her breasts are machine guns in an ad for Victoria's Secret.