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· Mattel joins fellow toy manufacturer Hasbro in leaping into CAA's embrace, turning over brands like American Girl, Hot Wheels and Fisher-Price to the agency for potentially lucrative Hollywood exploitation. First order of business: attaching artificially smooth client Nicole Kidman to a live-action Barbie project by convincing her that another round of full-body laser resurfacing should erase any concerns about being far too old for the part. [Variety]
· The show will go on! cries Academy president Sid Ganis, reassuring the nominees assembled at yesterday's Oscar luncheon that they'll get the recognition they deserve whether or not the strike is resolved by the end of February. "The Oscar exists to shine the brightest possible light on you and your work, and it would be such a terrible shame, through no fault of yours and no fault of ours, if the current conditions prevented us from shining that brightest possible light." [THR]

· Enchanted star and America's Current Sweetheart Amy Adams is in talks to join the cast of Night at the Museum 2 as the "undetermined historical figure" (Ann Boleyn? Catherine The Great?) love-interest of Ben Stiller. [Variety]
· Resisting the impulse to join in the upfront-canceling fad sweeping some of its network competitors, Fox pledges that it's committed to putting on the wasteful, inefficient dog-and-pony show media buyers in search of open bars so cherish. [THR]
· Cautious OptimismWatch, Part II: The WGA announces a general membership meeting for Saturday, during which writers will get the details of the proposed contract with the studios. [Variety]