Is all the "OMG, vote" earnestness getting to anyone else? The lame-leggings purveyor began their voting plea with an extremely ill-advised quote: "Four decades ago, the chairman of General Motors proclaimed, 'What's good for GM is good for America.' Today we're saying, "What's good for American Apparel is good for America.'" (Actually, what ended up being "good for GM" in the following years was laying off tens of thousands of autoworkers from my hometown, but that's neither here nor there!) Given AA's previous foray into politics, who do they endorse?

We urge voters to consider Obama on the Democratic side.

We urge voters to consider McCain on the Republican side.

Why? Because of their honesty on the issue of immigration, the most significant civil rights concern the country has faced in 50 years.

Why Not Clinton?

We appreciate Senator Clinton's campaign on many fronts, but when it comes to the issue of immigration she has not shown the same strength and conviction as Obama. This was clear during last week's California debate. While he supports driver's licenses for undocumented workers, she is opposed "at this time." Tell that to a mother of three in East L.A. driving her children to school every day. Obama has also pledged to accomplish immigration reform in his first year; Clinton has not made such a commitment...