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Life behind the gleaming walls of the CAA Death Star, it should hardly surprise you to hear, is not all baby-buffets and games: Being the most powerful agenting force in the universe means that daily, high-stakes deals negotiated by employees with Vader-sized ambitions will occasionally require the building to fold in on itself and munch on one of its own. Which is precisely what happened to TV packager Michael Camacho after getting his hands a little to deeply inside the Oprahphagus. From Deadline Hollywood Daily:

Camacho had been the sidekick to Kevin Huvane at CAA on the team that spent months making Oprah's deal with Discovery Communications to create an Oprah-branded TV network. "I love this kid. People really trusted him," an insider explained to me.

"But then he went and pitched her to run the whole thing. And then lied about it to Kevin." And CAA felt it had no choice but to let him go. That said, I hear CAA is trying to place Camacho into a company or help him start up his own.

Of course, every deal, no matter how large, requires a certain amount of finessing, and if it was truly Camacho's ambition to take over operations of Oprah's cable pulpit, there were certainly less jarring ways to nominate himself than having a house-sized gift basket containing 75,000 Perfect Endings cupcakes delivered to Harpo studios, along with an 7-foot-tall card reading, "Oprah: You are America's TV Queen. Let me be your King. Together we can rule the Universe. Love, Michael."