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Yesterday was supposed to be the finale of the New York media's Super Bowl overload party, after two excruciating weeks of trivialities about the Giants. But then they actually won the Super Bowl. Now, on the morning after, the realization is sinking in that we aren't going to hear the end of all this for a long time. After the jump, a roundup of overnight coverage, and a warning of what's to come.

For the intellectual fan, the Times provides overwritten blanket coverage (15 stories), full of odes to "lore" and other smart words. The Post comes with even more comprehensiveness (35 stories); you will be hearing about this game for the rest of your natural life, if you are a Post reader. But they keep the writing on the level of "He caught it. They won it. Soon there would be confetti." The Daily News cranked out an equally impressive volume of words (in close to 20 stories), the most grating, of course, from Mike Lupica, who is already calling the game "one of the great sports stories of all time, any sport." Even the un-athletic New York Sun gets into the act, allowing the single reporter they apparently sent to the game to write a story about it. Nice!
There are lots of reasons to despair about this Super Bowl: in particular, the Post's practice of calling the team the "Jints," and the realization that Mike Lupica comparing Eli Manning to "a swimmer coming out of the water" is actually the best material he'll be coming up with, but not the last. But neither the Yankees nor the Knicks (nor the Mets?) will be winning a championship this year, so this should be the worst of it. Just brace yourself for tomorrow, when the editorials about the game come along. Wonder what they'll say?