We've already admitted to you our growing fascination with thinly veiled child-sex-trafficking game show Make Me A Supermodel. (Small side note: Has the term "supermodel" lost all currency? Is it now the fashion world equivalent of the term "porn star," with any XXX-come-lately to successfully wrap a dp scene instantly elevating themselves to the level of a Courtney Cummz or Naomi St. Clair? But we digress.) Forced to up the naked ante from last week's naughty boudoir challenge, producers dispensed with all manner of propriety, and had the remaining contestants strip bare for a drawing class.

That resulted in an impressive display of bush and tush (special mention to Frankie "BAM! Welcome to my body!" Godoy), the likes of which Bravo reality watchers have never seen—and thankfully so, as a Naked Quickfire Challenge on Top Chef would probably wind up with more food coming up than ultimately going down. And while our brain told us it was nothing more than gutter-level smut cleverly framed as an exercise in high art, our groin told our brains to shut the fuck up—that is, when it wasn't cursing out that strategically framed canvas for being the only thing standing between us and pure Perry's-package-peeking ecstasy.