Among creative, evolved-ish Park Slope parenting types, bringing your kid to the bar is perfectly acceptable. After all, what better way to express your feelings of, "I'm not sure I'm really ready or equipped to be a parent! I still haven't been a rock star/fashion designer yet!" Last week, Union Hall put an end to nonsense and banned strollers. Outrage ensued—how dare parents not be allowed to drag their spawn to whatever inappropriate venue they want? It was babies versus a bar, and the babies won, the The Brooklyn Paper reports.

Strollers will now be allowed "a few afternoons a week." The owner goes on to point out that there was a sound reason behind the decision that sparked all that righteous indignation:

A lot of parents are great and mindful. But some are not that attentive to their kids when they're in here. This is a bar with an open stairwell and a bocce court. This is a business and we don't have the staff to police it.

[Photo: Noelle D'Arrigo for the Brooklyn Paper]