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Ah, the In-N-Out. Referencing the famed burger chain makes us salivate just typing its name and, as it turns out, The Package (shocker!) feels the same way. United States Weekly reports that Brit, unimpressed (or just oblivious to) UCLA Med's appetizing, slightly-edible array of hospital-food-for-the-nutballs, ordered in a "double cheeseburger, fries and a drink" at around 4:42pm yesterday. Perhaps suffering from meth-induced hallucinations, our girl had manager Sam Lufti fetch the grub for her at rush hour's peak (as seen in the pic above), the greasy bag reportedly arriving in a quickspeed 21 minutes (In-N-Out! You never fail to astonish us.) One question, though: How exactly does someone manage to stuff themselves senseless while wearing a straitjacket?

[Photo Credit: X17]