Having only recently declared him the Most Adorable Thing Ever, we must admit the video above might force us to reexamine our Casey Affleck position. Showing all the ill-tempered signs of someone who's survived a childhood rife with Ben-inflicted noogie and wedgie abuse, Affleck's SAG Awards interaction with Lisa Rinna demonstrates the most shocking disregard for pre-awards-show social conventions we've seen since Jeremy Piven openly questioned the salvageability of Billy Bush's very existence at the 2006 Emmys.

Vigorously gnawing on a wad of gum as if it were the only thing preventing him from being sucked into a duck-lipped wormhole and spit out into the black void of Rinna's soul, Affleck only offers the brusquest responses to the TV Guide Channel correspondent's run-on questions. The result is a scene of red carpet carnage so grotesque, traumatized producers were forced to miniaturize the image and shuffle it off to the side, filling the screen instead with the relatively comforting pictures of the first human-hued celebrity they could train their cameras on.