Bravo's newest competition show, Make Me a Supermodel, has been strangely intriguing since its premiere a month ago. Most of the credit is owed to the delightfully awkward and (hopefully!) budding relationship between Ben, the 22-year-old prison guard from Tennessee with the sad, pondering eyes and Ronnie, the out loud and proud "spunky!" blond guy from Chicago. Ben is married to a woman back home, but that hasn't stopped Ronnie from making many an overture about his love for the deputy sheriff. Ben doesn't exactly fend off his roommate's advances. They've already been shown snuggling (with the recently ousted girl-model Aryn) and sort-of kissing. Click the thumb for a clip from last night's episode, where they bond and share and continue to tumble into love. These are the joys of living vicariously, friends. Swoon!/Barf.