Remember the story of the terribly racist "humor" column in the Hamptons Independent last week? It upset famed blogger Alec Baldwin! Baldwin wrote about the column earlier this week (and then again!) as an example of "how the Obama ascendancy is playing out in Small Town America." Leaving aside the fact that the Hamptons are "small town America" only if you are a time traveler from the 17th century, the column was idiotic and well worth piling on. BUT! Maybe Alec had an ulterior motive for singling out this particular piece of regrettable small-market bullshit for a very public flaying! Maybe Alec has some personal beef with the gentleman that wrote the column—the paper's editor, Rick Murphy. Maybe because Baldwin is involved with the East Hampton Democrats, who don't particularly get along with Murphy! Maybe Murphy mocked Alec's letters to the editor! And maybe Rick Murphy's wife left a long comment to that effect at HuffPo—a comment which mysteriously failed to appear! After the jump, Alec Baldwin's "Small town" Hamptons intrigue.

Alec is a hypocritical sneak, posting Rick Murphy's column online without mentioning his real motivations, which have nothing to do with racism. Rick exposed Baldwin for a fool during his embarrassing East Hampton political debut, publishing articles in the Times and other publications, pointing out gaping factual flaws in Baldwin's error packed, pompous, bloviating newspaper letters.

Baldwin fans the flames of this incident as the showpiece flack of the East Hampton Democrats, who despise Rick, a brilliant investigative journalist, who makes life unbearable, exposing their arrogant lack of ethics, now under investigation for serious charges of corruption and mismanagement of public funds.

Alec, get the facts straight! Rick supports Hillary Clinton and Bill. He doesn't support a local party headed by shameful failure Bill McGintee, a Republican who conveniently switched parties.

As for charges of racism, Rick has expressed profound regret on the front page of The Independent for grave misjudgment in what was intended as a satirical column. He'll be apologizing for a very long time. His award winning humor column, Low Tidings, is loved by a many for its provocative edge. Even on a mild day, it isn't for the fainthearted. But he is no racist. Everyone from Mother Teresa, to Anna Nicole Smith gets their turn. His column has the joyous poke in the eye spirit of that freckled little fuck who lived next door when you were growing up. You loved him. You hated him. Wonder what ever became of him? Reader, I married him. The hardest part of this whole sorry episode for him, is hearing angry callers and realizing he's caused much pain.

Now it's Alec's turn to come clean for hiding his real motivation. As for a Public Person doing things they come to regret, I suggest Alec go to youtube and search "Alec Baldwin Answering Machine Rant to His Daughter." Note to Alec: calling any woman a pig is not only abusive, it's sexism, just another form of racism.

And no one asked me to write this. So don't grab at that pathetic straw Alec.