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Google's Hot Search Trends for Thursday, January 31, 2008: Number 1 is Courtney Oliver, the 10-year-old veterinarian. Well, she took an 8 month online degree program. So, the 10-year-old piece-of-paper-holder. 18 goes to gossip maven Cindy Adams. Proving you're never too ancient to constantly Google yourself. (Google calls her hotness only "medium.") At 53 "Miserable failure" is still hanging on, most likely due to the old "Google bomb" that would bring the White House website up to the top of the list when these words are searched. Or maybe we're all just feeling dejected today. And at 61 we find someone named Lisa Renna. Proving that Americans love Dancing With the Stars, but (or maybe because) they can't spell. [Full list] Update: A tipster tells us, regarding the "miserable failure" search: "For several years, Google users could type "miserable failure" into the search engine and be taken directly to the official White House biography of George W. Bush. However, on January 31, 2007, Yahoo! News announced that Google had fixed this "link bomb" glitch. "