The Times is reporting today that this year's crop of crazy expensive Super Bowl ads is going to be tamer than usual. Basically babies talking on webcams. Awesome. This got me thinking about Super Bowl commercials that were actually memorable, and after some searching I put together this list of 25 (after the jump.) Once you've watched all these you and that chick at your party who doesn't give a shit about football will have something to talk about.

25. Sprint "Crime Deterrent Phone"

24. Budweiser Clydesdales

23. Pepsi Truck

22. Anheuser Busch Army Tribute

21. Chicago "Bears"

20. Reebok "Terry Tate"

19. Robert Goulet for Emerald Nuts

18. Bud Light "Hitch Hiker"

17. Ameriquest "Don't Judge So Quickly"

16. Degree "Stunt City"

15. FedEx "Stick"

14. Christopher Reeve

13. Career Builder Monkeys

12. Cindy Crawford for Pepsi

11. E*Trade "Out of the Whazoo!"

10. Fedex "Castaway"

9. David Letterman & Oprah Super Bowl Of Love

8. Britney Spears Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial

7. EDS Running with the Squirrels

6. "When I Grow Up"

5. Nationwide Commercial RollinVIP

4. GM Robot Super Bowl Commercial

3. Budweiser Frogs

2. Apple's 1984 Macintosh Commercial

1. Mean Joe Green