A "shocking video" of Heath Ledger "snorting what appear to be drugs off a table" at noted Hollywood drug haven the Chateau Marmont has "surfaced." Entertainment Tonight bought it for $200,000, teased it, then backed away from playing it. Same with The Insider. Not, according to the Daily News, the case with Australia's Channel 9, which will play the tape tonight. Expect to be shocked! Shocked to see an actor attend a party, after an awards show (2006 SAG Awards), and snort a line of coke! Ledger expresses "remorse" at his life of habitual drug-taking, saying he used to smoke a lot of weed. "'I'm going to get serious s—t from my girlfriend,' Ledger tells his companions. 'We just had a baby three months ago.'" Does this seriously sound like a man in the grip of, according to today's Post, a major drug habit?

Though to be fair, Ledger had another two years to get to the point Page Six puts him at: addicted to heroin, disappearing for days at a time, finally kicked out of his home by Michelle Williams. So maybe—maybe!—this video shows Ledger's first terrible step toward eventual junkiedom, falling off the wagon and never looking back.

Or maybe it's just a dude doing coke at a party.

Or maybe it's so hard to tell how genuinely self-destructive our favorite stars are because of a celebrity media that treats each and every episode of recreational anything or public intoxication as immediate grounds for emergency rehabilitation while never quite reporting realistically on what they all know about the seriousness and extent of drug use, illegal or otherwise.