Apparently every cab in New York will eventually be home to a celebrity iPhone; just a week after the NY Daily News reported on the guy who copied Annie Leibovitz's assistant's contact list after he found it in a cab, a Facebook user says he found the iPhone of Richard Cohen, the NYC real estate developer who recently divorced newscaster Paula Zahn, in a cab. The celeb contact list is below, so you can argue whether the list (which includes Kissinger, Kerry, and Deniro) trumps Leibovitz's.

John Hanna wrote at 9:40pm on January 15th, 2008 In the "Only In New York" category, I found an iPhone the other day in the back of a cab. Short list of people in the contacts: Demi Moore, Robert Deniro, Henry Kissinger, Isaiah Thomas, Senators Kennedy, Kerry, an Schumer, Queen Noor of Jordan, Bob Weinstein, Woody Johnson, Judd Hirsch, Eric Bogosian.

John Hanna wrote at 7:57pm yesterday
ha! it was actually Paula Zahn's ex! his chauffeur gave me $20 reward upon return...out of his own pocket. i so didn't hesitate in taking it.

Incidentally, Gawker publisher Nick Denton always locks his iPhone with a passcode.

[Photo by Refracted Moments]