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With two armies of ladies fighting over Christian Brando's body, the debate over where to put the recently deceased son of Marlon to rest is now being fought on a very public stage. In order to help win the battle, both Anna Kashfi, Brando's mother, and his girlfriend Donna Geon have recruited others closely connected to the actor to support their wildly contradictory claims. Kashfi's posse (which also includes Brando's ex-wives Deborah Presley and Mary McKenna) thinks that Brando's body should be buried in Washington, because, well, we're not exactly sure (we think it's because he once lived there for awhile). But! Geon says Brando told her a different story, and she's pulled some half-siblings out of the woodwork to prove it.

According to the NY Post, Donna Geon said that Brando's wish was to be cremated and have his ashes spread over LA's Franklin Park, where Marlon's ashes were also laid to rest. In her corner are Rebecca and Teihoto Brando, both half-siblings of Christian's, who've rallied behind Geon in the battle of the body. Without picking sides or jumping to conclusions (we would never!), we have to admit that Team Geon's lawyer has won major points with us just for this quote alone: "They are just being petty, vindictive, small people who border on loony toons." Anyone who references the work of Friz Frelang is fine by us.