Blogging away over at HuffPo, author Erica Jong uses the joyous occasion of her grandson's bris today to complain about how he'll grow up with an Asian fetish and end up marrying Sandra Oh. No, seriously. Because they are going to cut off little Darwin's foreskin, he will become obsessed with big-titted chiksas. And black ladies! "Either they marry you and run around with Diana Ross or Beyonce or Naomi Campbell," Jong explains, "or they marry Sandra Oh or Lisa Liu or Yoko Ono and she converts." G-d forbid! All because they're still obsessed with how, when they were a couple days old, a scary old man took a scissors to their manhood. Someone's bitter! And basically awesome! (Jong, who married an Asian man many moons ago, knows from what she speaks.) [HuffPo]