G4TV's impossibly shiny haired co-host of Attack Of The Show, Olivia Munn, sure is a trouper. During a bit that aired near the end of Friday's episode, Munn took a nasty spill while writhing about in a shallow pool of baby oil (and you wonder why we DVR the show every night?). Turns out that her slip-n-fall bruised more than just her ego; after the show was completed, paramedics were called to the scene and she was "whisked" away to a local hospital.

Despite being diagnosed with a separated left shoulder, Munn showed up on-time and in high spirits for yesterday's AOTS taping (did you hear that, Seacrest?), her damaged wing safely snuggled in a sling. While G4's crack staff of legal eagles are probably breathing a collective sigh of relief that Munn decided not to sue for negligence, we're betting that an extra zero (or two) will find their way into Miss Munn's next paycheck for her troubles. Stay safe out there, kids!