I want to believe Paul Fetch is the most cunning comedian of our time. If the videos by this YouTube user are parodies, and his entire online persona is a character, then we must all bow down to the new king; Zach Galifianakis, Tim and Eric, and David Cross must commit ritual suicide in front of him. But chances are he's just a terribly unfunny douche. Examine these three examples of remotely possible genius.

Dear God - YouTube Prayer: Fetch prays to God for more YouTube views, adding as an aside that Darfur needs help too.

Anonymous This Is War: The video that caught my interest. Fetch requests that the online group Anonymous (the ones fighting the Church of Scientology) disband, or he will destroy them. At first, I assumed this was comedy, because Anon itself is known for deadpan satire, but some members of Anonymous were unhappy. They found his contact information and bombed him with phone calls. A member of Anon tells me, "If he's real, well then we're going to tear him to pieces. If he's a troll, we'll still tear him to pieces, but he'll be okay with it, because he did it on purpose."

High on Caffeine Yikes!!!: If Fetch is being sincere in the first shot of this video, it ruins the hilarity of all that follows.

Myspace Message: If you can suffer through it, you might be convinced he's pulling a classic Galifianakis.

So! If you know whether Fetch is faking it, let us know. Actually, if you know that he's sincere, take that secret to your grave so we can all pretend otherwise and give him some time on Adult Swim.