Never afraid to be Hollywood-topical when they sense there's a chance to move some chalupas, the always-inventive Taco Bell marketing team has just issued a press release touting their latest promotion, an invitation to striking WGA members to submit the "words of wisdom" that adorn their hot sauce packets, generously offering a much needed outlet for the "untapped creativity" they're might otherwise misdirect towards projects like viral videos and boredom-inspired novels.

Ten lucky, starving comedy writers not intimidated by the challenge of improving upon slogans like "Use your stomach, nacho mind," and "The road to mediocrity is littered with empty ketchup packets," stand to win a year's supply of Taco Bell-branded foodstuffs (a prize worth a whopping $260), as well as the satisfaction of knowing that their best one-liners will not be wasted on a mumbling Charlie Sheen or a schlubby husband bickering with his too-hot wife..