"Just opened February large print Reader's Digest at the office," a tipster from Michigan informs us. (Actually, it was my Mom). "Article on Patrick Moberg and his subway find right there in large print. Other equally touching stories of love as well." Hah—the large print version of Reader's Digest, intended for Olds! So maybe the illustrator/webster and his Australian Blackbook-interning "girl of his dreams" haven't broken up, as previously rumored?

[Moberg and Camille's] first meeting was awkward. And why not? It was set up by Good Morning America. Like the rest of the media, GMA saw a great love story and pounced. But being sucked into a media maelstrom isn't necessarily conducive to a nascent love affair. "There was a lot of uncertainty on how to act around each other," Patrick said. And in the back of Camille's mind, a nagging thought: Who is this guy? The media circus eventually moved on, giving the two a chance to talk without a microphone present.

Everything I found out about her was another wonderful thing," says Patrick. She was smart, funny and a big personality, a nice fit for this shy guy. "And," he continues quietly, "we've been hanging out together every day since.

And posing for a photoshoot at the Transit Museum, pictured above—the next logical step in any love affair.

Other "touching stories of love" include writer Calvin Trillin's greeting his wife at the airport with a brass band in 1972, and a dude who colluded with the Sunday Boston Globe to work a marriage proposal into the crossword puzzle.

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