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· La Vie en Rose Oscar nominee Marion Cotillard tries to parlay some of her awards-season heat into a role alongside Christian Bale and Johnny Depp in Michael Mann's Public Enemies, playing gangster John Dillinger's "torch singer girlfriend." [Variety]
· Meanwhile, (rightly) Academy-ignored Charlie Wilson's War star Julia Roberts hunts for her next chance at awards glory, attaching herself to star in and produce an adaptation of soon-to-be published novel Hothouse Flowers, about a recently divorced NY ad exec who throws it all away to embark on a fabulous post-break-up adventure. [THR]
[After the jump: NBC sues Dick Wolf!; Oscar nominations translate to bigger weekend grosses; the fate of Mary-Kate and Ben Kingsley's Sundance film.]

· Four out of five of Oscar's Best Picture contenders experienced a box office bump following last Tuesday's announcement of the nominations; of the Academy's newly anointed, only Atonement took in less money than the previous weekend, perhaps suggesting that naughty Keira Knightley fans had already ponied up their $12 to steal a look at her partially slip-obscured goodies. [Variety]
· NBC sues Law & Order executive producer Dick Wolf, asking a court to help them figure out much money the company must cough up if they decide to cancel any of his fifteen L&O permutations. [Variety]
· Sony Pictures Classics buys the rights to Sundance's The Wackness, more commonly known as The One Where An Olsen Twin And Sir Ben Kingsley Make Out. [Variety]