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It's a busy weekend for the Anonymous, the group of hackers and Internet malcontents who declared war on Scientology last week, as they began a series of "raids" of Church of Scientology branches. The war, which Anon has named "Project Chanology," includes a mass media campaign (which the group tracks here), but the organizers do their best stuff online. That's why members of the anti-Scientology campaign have made these five videos over the weekend, including protest footage, manifestos, and an inevitable LOLcats parody.

Anon has been a target of much negative press for its past activities, which targeted smaller organizations and individuals. It was important to establish the nobility of the current campaign. Several professed organizers of Project Chanology tell me the following video is official. In it, Anon criticized media coverage of the project:

Apart from this official video, several people have made their own videos, mimicking Chanology's style of computerized voice-over. The following clip assures regular Scientologists that the Church is the target, not them:

The language in this video differs from the official vids, going for a more brawl-starting tone:

Anonymous does everything half for the point, half for the entertainment. So someone's made a cute parody of their original video manifesto in LOLcat style:

And now for the clip where something actually happens. Well, kind of. Anon has planned several raids of real-world Church of Scientology locations. This footage comes from a Toronto protest from Saturday:

More videos from Anon will come from YouTube accounts Project Chanology and Church0fScientology (where a new video is being uploaded as I write this).