Anonymous, the loose group of Internet users known for harassing strangers online, is continuing its declared war on Scientology by protesting at 3 PM at the Church of Scientology branch in Harlem. The protest is presumably open to all who oppose the Church or want to fool around on a Sunday afternoon; the scant instructions are in the original e-mail below.

From: "Anon Ymous"

Date: January 26, 2008 5:33:56 PM EST


Subject: Church of Scientology Raid - Harlem - TOMORROW - 3PM

Church of Scientology Harlem

2250 3rd Ave

New York, NY


Tel: 212-828-1825


We will raid the CoS in Harlem tomorrow at 3PM.

Wear a mask of your choosing.

Bring a boombox.

Rickroll them into submission.

We will make headlinez LOL.

(The masks will mostly be Guy Fawkes masks; Anon is obsessed with "V For Vendetta" and they don't go for subtlety. As for what they'll do once everyone shows up, likely just hang around being loud.)

Since Anon declared war on Scientology, they've intermittently overloaded and unearthed hidden Scientology documents.

If anyone shows up to the protest, this could demonstrate that Anonymous can do more than hack a web site, raise more media interest, and encourage a worldwide string of demonstrations. A similar protest is planned in London on February 10. Here's the poster.

Headed to Harlem? Take pics and send to