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The latest dish on Tommy Hilfiger's daughter, Ally, begs the question: is the Underminer actually based on her? Check it out: she splits her time between Manhattan and Berlin, has a "multimedia installation" showing at the Chelsea Art Museum, and she paints. (Mostly she paints the number 8, because it's lucky—as Jennifer 8. Lee already knows). "I like to have all my creative outlets exposed," she tells the Daily Intelligencer.

I produce films, I paint, I've helped my father design clothes since I was 11 years old.

That's sort of like when I was ten and my mom would bring me to her office and let me shred documents—I was "helping"!

As for the museum exhibition, there's like a film that will show her paintings in the film, or something:

Picture a really cool motif of flowers and sunshine, and then bam! There's a piece of Ally Hilfiger art. Then bam! There's a piece of Izzie Gold art... Our parents' generation, they were really all about really focusing on one thing," Ally explained. "Our generation is into more of a multi-thing."

Totally. Time to make the donuts! [Daily Intelligencer]