CNN has apparently banned some of its most recognizable analysts from its campaign coverage. James Carville and Paul Begala—CNN's top Democratic analysts, both of whom achieved political fame in Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign, and both of whom support Hillary—were suspended from commenting on the presidential race sometime in December. And no one noticed!

Except Greg Sargent, who called Carville and learned that we won't have to deal with the shouty Cajun until after the Democratic nominating process is wrapped up. So let's all pray for the first wide open convention in 40 years! CNN reportedly suspended the pundits after numerous complaints from the Obama campaign. Which is kind of understandable, as they are CNN's most recognizable "liberal" pundits and their Clintonian biases are hardly evident to casual viewers. But it's also kind of unprecedented and odd because, well, CNN caved to outside pressure from a political candidate. CNN could've just added a pro-Obama analyst, but Lou Dobbs would probably make a 12-year-old girl cry. [Horse's Mouth/TPM]