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While last night's disappointing, agonizingly slow-paced The Moment of Truth ("That answer is...[pause for 30 seconds of cuts between the contestant and host Mark Wahlberg barely resisting the temptation to check his watch]...TRUE!") failed to make us feel as irredeemably filthy as we'd hoped it would, the ratings were, in a word, huge. Not only did the show retain 23 million of American Idol's viewers, it was the best-rated debut on any network since similarly highbrow Fox sibling Who Wants To Be Humiliated By A Not Particularly Bright Ten-Year-Old? bowed last year. We suppose we have to see how many of those eyeballs return next week for the resolution of Truth's "Did the guy with the hair plugs and gambling problem lose his son's college fund in a craps game?" cliffhanger. [TV Week]