"It might not have quite the innuendo of For Your Eyes Only, or even the ooh matron oomph of Octopussy, but the title of the new James Bond film has finally been made public. And it is Quantum of Solace." [Guardian] How the hell will anyone sing a brassy pop song about that? (Your bloggers discuss, below.)

Josh: http://film.guardian.co.uk/news/story/0,,2246210,00.html
Pareene: wow
Pareene: that's worse than the new indiana jones
Josh: what does it even mean?
Pareene: i don't know!
Pareene: it sounds like a malcolm gladwell ripoff
Pareene: hah after reading the description of the fleming story i hope they keep it intact in the movie
Pareene: bond is a dick at dinner, the governor of the bahamas tells him a sad story, everyone learns a very important lesson. BOND WILL RETURN IN "A SMIDGEN OF COMFORT"
Josh: ha! "A Mote of Sympathy"