Before Hillary Clinton showed us that she really does wear her heart on her sleeve (and it's a ladylike sleeve!) she backed out of a Vogue photo shoot because she was afraid of looking too feminine. Editor Anna Wintour was irked. But the Democratic candidate is featured in a February issue of Harper's Bazaar, along with six of the other running candidates. She is not, despite earlier reports, wearing a miniskirt and heels. After the jump, see the pictures of Clinton in all her high couture glory.

Arianna Huffington pens the accompanying story, in which she touts Hillary's "evolving styles (including her Oscar de la Renta pantsuits, which she pays for herself)." Maybe so, but wearing $12,369 on your person being photographed with ladies (sorry Senator!) wearing $12,000 between them (on left, CBS Newser Hannah Storm) while you go around being oh-so vague about how you're going to pay for that universal healthcare plan doesn't really fly right. Also in the spread—Michael Bloomberg! Who is totally not running for anything at all.